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Managing Links, Pages, and Importing

VoodooPad on your iOS Devices

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Toolbar Buttons

Icon Name Shortcut Description
"Backlinks Icon" Backlinks ⇧⌘B See Backlinks.
"Delete Icon" Delete ⇧⌘D Deletes current page displayed.
"Drawer Icon" Drawer ^⇧⌘A Displays/hides an alphabetical list of pages to the right of the workspace.
"Encrypt Icon" Encrypt See Encryption. Allows you to encrypt the current page.
"Full Screen Icon" Full Screen ⌘↩ Enter/exit full screen mode.
"Home Icon" Home ⇧⌘H Takes you to the page you have selected as 'Home' (can be changed under 'Info': Document).
"Info Icon" Info ⇧⌘I See Info Palette.
"Link Icon" Link ⌘L Creates a new page for currently selected text, or if no text is selected, the previous word to the insertion point.
"Links Icon" Links Displays/hides all links on the current page.
"Navigation Icon" Navigation Navigate forwards and backwards through pages opened. Tab Preference must be set to 'Clicking link opens: in same view'.
"New Page Icon" New Page ⌘N Creates a new page.
"Pages Icon" Pages ⇧⌘T See Pages Palette.
"Palettes Icon" Palettes ^⌘T Displays or hides the palette(s).
"Print Icon" Print ⌘P Prints current page.
"Ruler Icon" Ruler ^⌘R See [Ruler][rulers_alignment_and_paragraphs].
"Run Icon" Run ⌘R See [Script Runner][script runner].
"Save Icon" Save ⌘S Saves your document.
"Search Icon" Search ⌥⌘F See Search.
"Sketch Icon" Sketch ⇧⌘K See Sketch.
"Tags Icon" Tags See Tags Palette.
"Type Icon" Type See Type Palette.
"Updates Icon" Updates Displays recently updated pages with the page name and time.
"Send to iOS Icon" Send to iOS Export your document to VoodooPad for iOS.