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VoodooPad Events Explained

Events are a way for you to augment VoodooPad when various actions happen. For example there are events when a document is opened, a page is created or closed, and when a web export starts or finishes.

You can use page events to:

There are four special pages you can create in a document which help with these tasks:

These pages don't exist automatically in a document, you'll have to create them first. But when you do make them, VoodooPad will fill in the page with a template to get things rolling for you.

Global Variables For the Events

Staring in VoodooPad 5.0.2, there is a single global variable that is common to all the event scripts, and that is the document object. It represents an instance of the document which is executing the event. You might notice that some event functions are already passed a document object (such as pageWasOpened). This is the exact same object as the global variable.