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Encryption in VoodooPad


VoodooPad features both page and document level encryption to allow you to protect your information with a password.

Page Level Encryption

VoodooPad supports encrypting pages one at time, so you can have a mix of encrypted and unencrypted pages in a single document. To encrypt a page choose Edit ▸ Encrypt Page and fill in a password and a hint. If you would like your computer to remember the password for you, choose Add to Keychain. This feature works the same as having your computer remember passwords and user names for websites and servers.


If you would like to change your password, or remove your password from the keychain, hold down the option key while choosing the Edit ▸ Encrypt Page menu item.

If you are looking to permanently decrypt the page, just check the "Permanently decrypt" box when decrypting your page.


Document Level Encryption

VoodooPad also has the ability to make your whole document encrypted. With this in effect, you enter your password once when opening up your document, and you gain access to all of your pages inside.

You can either set up the password on startup, or by choosing File ▸ Set Document Password.

To change a password from an encrypted document choose File ▸ Change Document Password, and type in a new password. If you want to remove the document password follow the same steps, but leave the new password fields blank.

With the document encrypted you will have to enter the password every time you open the document unless you choose to save the password in your keychain. While VoodooPad is open, the document will stay decrypted. If you would like to automatically close encrypted documents while you are idle at the computer, choose VoodooPad ▸ Preferences ▸ Advanced ▸ Close encrypted documents... and specify a time.

Important Password Information!

Plausible Labs Inc. and the VoodooPad application do not have the capability to recover lost or forgotten passwords. Be sure to keep a copy of your password somewhere safe for reference.

What Type of Encryption Does VoodooPad Use?

Single page encryption uses the Blowfish Encryption Algorithm. For whole document encryption, the Advanced Encryption Standard is used.

VoodooPad uses the ETM-AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Authenticated Data) for both single-page and document encryption.

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