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Managing Links, Pages, and Importing

VoodooPad on your iOS Devices

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Toolbar Buttons

Icon Name Shortcut Description
"Backlinks Icon" Backlinks ⇧⌘B See Backlinks. |
"Delete Icon" Delete ⇧⌘D Deletes current page displayed. |
"Drawer Icon" Drawer ^⇧⌘A Displays/hides an alphabetical list of pages to the right of the workspace. |
"Encrypt Icon" Encrypt See Encryption. Allows you to encrypt the current page. |
"Full Screen Icon" Full Screen ⌘↩ Enter/exit full screen mode. |
"Home Icon" Home ⇧⌘H Takes you to the page you have selected as 'Home' (can be changed under 'Info': Document). |
"Info Icon" Info ⇧⌘I See Info Palette. |
"Link Icon" Link ⌘L Creates a new page for currently selected text, or if no text is selected, the previous word to the insertion point. |
"Links Icon" Links Displays/hides all links on the current page. |
"Navigation Icon" Navigation Navigate forwards and backwards through pages opened. Tab Preference must be set to 'Clicking link opens: in same view'. |
"New Page Icon" New Page ⌘N Creates a new page. |
"Pages Icon" Pages ⇧⌘T See Pages Palette. |
"Palettes Icon" Palettes ^⌘T Displays or hides the palette(s). |
"Print Icon" Print ⌘P Prints current page. |
"Ruler Icon" Ruler ^⌘R See [Ruler][rulers_alignment_and_paragraphs]. |
"Run Icon" Run ⌘R See [Script Runner][script runner]. |
"Save Icon" Save ⌘S Saves your document. |
"Search Icon" Search ⌥⌘F See Search. |
"Sketch Icon" Sketch ⇧⌘K See Sketch. |
"Tags Icon" Tags See Tags Palette. |
"Type Icon" Type See Type Palette. |
"Updates Icon" Updates Displays recently updated pages with the page name and time. |
"Send to iOS Icon" Send to iOS Export your document to VoodooPad for iOS.