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Advanced Topic: Making Web Export Templates

If you'd like to make your own web export template to share with friends, you can do so. The format is very simple, and the easiest thing to do is to copy the existing templates that are already around.

To do that, choose the Help ▸ Open VoodooPad's App Support Folder menu item, and then navigate to the "Web Export PlugIns" folder. You'll notice a handful of folders with an extension of "vp5webexport". Select one, and choose the File ▸ Duplicate menu from the Finder. Give your new folder a nice description (maybe "My New Template") and make sure it has a .vp5webexport on the end of the name. The full name of the folder will be "My New Template.vp5webexport". Quit and restart VoodooPad, and then your new template will show up in the Template: popup of the Web Export Window.

If you peek into your new folder, you'll see a file named template.html, and maybe some supporting files. Any files that are in this folder (with the exception of the template.html file) will be copied to the folder you choose with web export. If you have some images you'd like to use in your template, then you may add them in that folder.

Scriptlet tags are also allowed in the template.html file. And as with the VPWebExportPageTemplate page, just substitute $page$ where you want the contents of your page to show up.