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VoodooPad for iOS

VoodooPad for iOS is a trimmed down version for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can make and edit documents, sync back and forth from the desktop version of VoodooPad using Dropbox, and even search through all your pages. It is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store.

VoodooPad for iOS FAQ:

Q: What's the difference between VoodooPad for iOS and VP Reader? A: VP Reader only allows you to view VoodooPad documents. VoodooPad for iOS lets you create new pages and documents, and will sync with VoodooPad using Dropbox.

Q: My pages in VoodooPad for iOS aren't showing up as rich text pages. What's going on? A: As of right now, there is no rich text support for VoodooPad on your iPhone or iPad. We hope to add support for this in a future release.

Q: I edited a page on my iPhone, and when it synced back to the desktop the formatting was lost. Why? A: Since VoodooPad for iOS does not support rich text editing, you will lose any formatting (and any images) that were on the page when you sync back to the desktop. If you do not edit the page, performing a sync will not cause the page to be synchronized (and your formatting will remain in place).

Q: Can I sync documents using Dropbox? A: Yes!

Q: What happened to syncing with MobileMe and WebDAV? A: Since MobileMe is going away (and 90% of people were syncing with it), it was dropped in favor of Dropbox.

Making New Pages

By default, whenever you make a new document, VoodooPad will create a page named "Index". The Index can be thought of as your homepage for the document. You are going to want more pages eventually, so when you're ready press the + button in the toolbar. VoodooPad will ask you to type in the name of a new page to create.

After you create your new page, VoodooPad will take you right to it. To return to the previous page, just hit the back button in the toolbar. You will also notice that wherever the name of your new page appears, it will be underlined. This underline represents a hyperlink to your new page. Just press on the link and VoodooPad will open up the page.

How to Delete a Page

To delete a page, find it in the pages list. Swipe your finger to the right to make the delete button appear.

Note: The Index page can not be deleted.

How to Delete a Document

Open up the documents list, and swipe your finger to the right on the document name you would like to delete.

Syncing with Dropbox

If you'd like to sync your documents with Dropbox, tap on the "Settings & Sync" button (iPad) or the cog button (iPhone / iPod Touch). You'll be taken to an interface where you can tap a "Link with Dropbox" button. Tap on that button and Safari will launch and connect to Dropbox's website, where you can give permission to sync with VoodooPad.

After you tap the "Allow" button, you will be returned to VoodooPad, and it will start syncing for you. Your documents are copied to a folder named "VoodooPad" in your Dropbox folder. If you have Dropbox installed for your Mac, they will show up there as well.

Transferring Documents

Documents can be transferred between the Mac and VoodooPad iOS via iTunes. Connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac, open up iTunes, and go to the iTunes Apps section of your device. Under 'File Sharing' you should see VoodooPad iOS listed. Choose 'Add' to have VoodooPad documents transferred from your Mac to VP iOS. Choose 'Save To' to have VP iOS documents transferred to your Mac. Transferring documents is not syncing.


To search your document, go into the pages list and click "search" in the upper right hand corner. Enter the search term in the field. Currently VoodooPad for iOS does not have spotlight support.

Editing and Rich Text

While VoodooPad on the Mac supports full rich text editing, VoodooPad for the iPhone and iPad currently does not. When you edit a page on your device and then resync it to the desktop you will lose any special formatting that you may have done on the Mac.