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Paste and Match Style

Sometimes you have text on your clipboard, and you want to paste it in to your page. But, since you copied it from Safari or Word the text styling is not going to match what you have set up on your page. Under the Edit menu, right next to the Paste command, is another command labeled "Paste and Match Style". This will take what is on the clipboard and paste it into your page without any funky formatting. Just nice clean text the way you like it.

Highlighting Text

Select some text that you want highlighted. Choose Format ▸ Font ▸ Show Highlight Colors. The colors palette will appear and you can pick the color of your highlighting.

Move Selection to Page

If you have something located on one page, but you want to move it to another page, try Edit ▸ Move Selection to Page. A list of pages in your document will be presented in a drop down menu. Whatever you have selected will be cut and pasted to the bottom of the chosen page.

Following Links with the Keyboard

If the insertion point happens to be on a link in VoodooPad and you want to open it, you do not have to reach for the mouse. Type ⌘L and VoodooPad will open the page. Instead of creating a new page it will open up the link that you are on. It even works for multi-word links so you do not need to worry about selecting it first.

Output of Scripts from your Clippings Folder

If you create a unix shell script, and place it in VoodooPad's clippings folder, it will be executed when selected from the insert menu. The output created from the script will be inserted into your text view.

Quick Decryption

Did you know you can press ⌘L on an encrypted page to bring up the decrypt sheet? It is a lot faster than clicking or going to the menu if your hands are already on the keyboard.

Browser Bookmarklets

A Bookmarklet is a simple bookmark for a web browser (such as Safari, Firefox, or Camino) that runs little programs on the webpage you are viewing. The VoodooPad bookmarklets allow you to use a bookmark to send selected text, or the current URL to VoodooPad. Find out how to install them on the Importing page.

Word Count

You can see the word count of the current page or the entire document by selecting Plugin ▸ Word Count.

Audio Recording

To make an easy audio recording within VoodooPad, select Plugin ▸ Record Audio. A window will appear asking you to name the audio file. When you are ready, click the "start recording" button. When you are done click "stop recording" then "OK". The audio file (mp4) will be linked within VoodooPad, and the link will be inserted on the current page wherever your cursor is located.