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Web Export

VoodooPad has a powerful Web Export feature which takes your document and writes out all the pages suitable for putting on a web server. Open up the Web Export window by choosing the File ▸ Export Document ▸ Web Export… menu item.

"Export Settings"

Previewing your pages as HTML

You can preview what your pages will look like before you export them. Choose the View ▸ HTML Preview menu item, and VoodooPad will give you a nice preview of what you will see on export. If you have a VPWebExportPageTemplate in your document, it will be used for the preview. If your page contains scriptlets, they will be rendered as well.


Web Export can be controlled via AppleScript as well:

tell application "VoodooPad"
    tell document 1
        web export to "/tmp" with properties {preset:"saved preset"}
    end tell
end tell


There are a couple of Automator actions for invoking Web Export in VoodooPad. Launch Automator and you will see them listed if you have VoodooPad installed.